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These beautiful antique swallows, crafted in 15-carat gold, symbolise luck and protection.


Dating to the Victorian era, these delicate treasures have undergone a transformation from their initial brooch design to emerge as captivating pendants, complemented by a meticulously handcrafted 18-carat gold bail.


Marked with the distinctive "15CT" stamp on one wing, they each have a serial number etched into the other wing.


A vibrant yellow gold colour, these wonderful pendants pair beautifully with other gold colours and high-carat pieces.



Due to their cultural and historical significance, swallows were often chosen for Victorian jewellery as symbols of luck and protection. Swallows are migratory birds that travel great distances and return to the same nesting grounds yearly. This behaviour was observed by many cultures throughout history and was associated with positive qualities such as loyalty, love, and the safe return of sailors from their journeys.


Choose from either the West-facing swallow or the East-facing swallow - or take them both together and let them fly freely in your necklace layers.

Antique 15ct Gold Swallow Pendant With 18ct Gold Bail

    • Antique: Victorian era
    • 15-carat gold swallow
    • 18-carat gold pendant bail (approx 5mm diameter, 1mm thick)
    • Length: 30.25mm
    • Width: 15mm
    • Weight:  1.28 grams
    • Hallmarks: Stamped "15CT"
    • Excellent antique condition


    Unless otherwise stated, any chains, jewellery boxes, and other items photographed with the listed piece are for advertising purposes only and not sold with this piece.

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